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Whom were you talking with, girl
I hope he was just a friend
Me I was looking around to understand what it means
to get in touch with new people constantly
to talk about the time
Did you forget my number
I thought we could meet again
I just wish I could see you at the end of the lane
We could dance there together by the light of the moon
And when we say goodbye you could whisper "come back soon"
I wanted to touch your life with a kiss
I wanted to pick you up and make you live
I believe you and me and god can coexist
quite peacefully
The first time I heard your voice, girl
you asked me to bring you home
I drove back to town, was running fast on my road
You know, I held you up all the way to my door
And as we got in I let you lay on the floor
A miracle kept in your hands
A tale under softened lights
The people who let you understand that you're banned
Banned from your house and village, banned from your kids
So wear some new clothes, take a plane, stay with me
Let's jump around and say "down on your knees"
We want all those bastards hanging from the trees
They hide in the night they drive on these streets
looking for some meat
Today I've been up since daylight
I guess you just came back home
Now you're probably dreaming of me, but no, I know
I know there's no room at all for me in your sleep
And as long as I think of you my will to speak
Fades down and at night I'm back again on your street
Just a few hours and I see you there all alone
Surrounded by cars and lights, bare feet, skin and bones
and I keep your hand we look like mother and son
and I push the barrel of my gun into your throat
And I feel the smell of you clinging to my clothes


from Lullabies of Love and Hate, released January 15, 2016
beeside: guitar, vocals
Mario Carta: piano

producer: Luigi Frassetto
recording+engineering: Marco Marini
executive: Officine Musicali Sassari




beeside Italy

Beeside's musical path covers many different approaches and eventually ends up with a intimate, yet lyrically aggressive form of folk songwriting.
His debut (recently reprinted) album “Mood Spirals” was released in 2012 under the label Seahorse / Red Birds Recordings.
The second album "Lullabies of Love and Hate", a production by Officine Musicali, will be available soon.
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