Lullabies of Love and Hate

by beeside

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producer: Luigi Frassetto
executive: Officine Musicali Sassari
recording+engineering: Marco Marini
all songs by Beeside.
January 2016


released January 15, 2016

Beeside - guitar, vocals
Giulia Biggio - vocals on "no sunday in my week"
Gianni Lubinu - bass on "no sunday in my week"
Mario Carta - piano on "whom"

Graphics by Nike Gagliardi and Beeside





beeside Italy

Beeside's musical path covers many different approaches and eventually ends up with a intimate, yet lyrically aggressive form of folk songwriting.
His debut (recently reprinted) album “Mood Spirals” was released in 2012 under the label Seahorse / Red Birds Recordings.
The second album "Lullabies of Love and Hate", a production by Officine Musicali, will be available soon.
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Track Name: pastiche
with ashes in your mouth you fight fire with fire
when the evening fades to black
you used to bite the pain but now you're sick and tired
piece by piece your god is dead
once you weren't afraid of shaking off the chains, but now
now just the memory remains
you grew up with the children of the sea
with a hook in your mouth
you shared a flat with shadows of the wind
but now with them you're out of touch
you came from south of heaven with the four horsemen
your motorbreath was in the air
you used to ride the desert with the blessing of a god that failed
but when you hit my land it was too late
we all know it was just too late
you wasted all your hate away
Track Name: awake again
Awake again, I feel my bed like a fen
I'm forcing my legs to bring me down and stand
A flake, it's going to snow, you bring up blankets and gloves
above the window the sky seems just too close
The enemies are climbing up on our trees
They're gonna cudgel our brains and break our knees
Pray your god To bring his squad
To keep us up, to let us sprout
To kill them all
To squash all their heads on the floor
I crawl to my door. You tell me look at the wall
there's a new picture of us out in some mall
I'm looking through I see the background from blue
is changing color as your eyes in that snap do
Pray the moon to come back soon
Make your choice, don't waste your voice
Run away
I got a disease to convey
Take my hands While the airplane lands
Reach your bed, it's not time yet
Lock the door
Tomorrow you'll get back to your chore
Awake again. Stuck in a land of cement
If this is real then I don't know how far we went
Come with me, we're gonna find our relief
we're gonna meet the true evil, he is my chief
aren't you scared sit down beside me and stare
the sun is falling in flakes but you don't care
it's colouring the light from blue, gray and green
is turning purple, it looks like it's bleeding
come with me, get down the basement and feel
the unified colored picture of this scentless creature
leave me here I wanna raise up my fear
i wanna beg for my life i wanna cease from this strife
it grabs my legs, it puts a knife at my neck
it's coming up from below, it's got a gift to bestow
i feel it blowing under my skin again
please, give me some pain.
Track Name: seasons and seas
Once a day, you get upstairs
you take a seat and start saying your prayers
but you keep an ear to the sparrows
flowing like swirls in the air
At night, they say in storybooks,
you beak and wings, fly over the roofs
In dreams of beasts becoming food
you give 'em back to their woods
Once a day you pack your bags,
you gather all the tears you shed
you move across seasons and seas
will you come back to me
You rig the clocks, you trick the time
you ring the chimes from dawn to midnight
Then dusk to dusk, town to town
you paint new stars in the sky
Like a soldier, knife and boots
you camouflage yourself in the woods
you hunt down hunters, take their souls
under the light of the moon
Once a day you pack your bags,
you gather all the tears we shed
you change the path of riverbeds
you mix the names of our lands
you spread your wings, flying across
seasons and seas, in pain and grief,
you shuffle the rules and strong beliefs,
Play with the colours of our flags,
Play with the flavours of our lands
Raising and killing kings and queens
Making us guilty for our sins
Punishing us with quakes and floods
Driving the time, mixing our bloods
Blessing the animals we fed
gathering all the tears we shed
you princess of trees and mountain streams
you keep moving across seasons and seas
will you come back to me
Track Name: no sunday in my week
When I was too young and too candid
and it was many ages ago
I used to beat the days of the week, dear
but maybe I was beating too slow
The very first day was called monday
nobody liked any of it
on monday I'm still stuck in your embrace
it lulles me to sleep
On tuesday I start getting better
the clouds and the rain disappear
I wake up and write down a letter
about how I'd love you to be here
I'm too slow and I like it that way
like an idiot I sit down and watch
a photograph of us at your birthday
I think we don't match
On wednesday I get your call, dear
you tell me we'll meet at your place
I reach you and everything gets clear
another day I won't erase
you hidden everything I bought you
but yourself, you've got not place to hide
the books and the boxes I give you
you cast them aside
On thursday I drop by your office
but you don't even wave me hello
perhaps you're just trying to be cautious
perhaps you don't love me enough
I'd better blow my fucking head up
or maybe it's your head I shuld crush
a man or a mouse or a sicko
who eats out of your trash
On friday I bought you a record
I don't care if you'll throw it away
We meet at some pub in a suburb
We fuck in your car and we pray
I pray you to cry on my chest, dear
You pray me to leave you alone
you feed me with some of your best tears
And in a minute you're gone
And under the moon I keep walking
I get lost in this side of the town
the windows around are all sleeping
it's cold but my blood's boiling down
I get back to my flat and it's empty
While saturday knocks at my door
I'm keeping your smell on my shirt, dear
won't wash it no more
The last day of the week is called sunday
and sunday is the worst day of the week
I ate my heart out just like you said
you see, I still stand on my feet
Today you'll make love with your man, dear
and my existence, you'll leave it behind
you fed me all the time with your best tears
now I got you in my spine
Track Name: a walk with a turtle
Track Name: hardcore queen
Tall, tall like a tree
you hold centuries
of hidden stories
of burglars, of thieves
of triumph and grief
smart, smart like a fox
she's roving these blocks
the way that she walks
and how quietly she waltzes
into my talks
and I sang, I sang like a grouse, when you got
small like a mouse
and entered my house
with your tiny paws,
your tail and your jaws
and then you got back to your previous size
you made love on me with your hardcore pride
but something went wrong and you lost your head
suddenly freaked out you got up and fled
and I felt like my heart was being cut into shreds
'cause it's you and me
we're everything
dark, you're dark like the night
and in the mood for a fight
I better run out of sight
but with a borderline flight
you get bright as sunlight
cold, cold like a moon
upside down in my spoon
a big white balloon
full of secrets, of runes
of lost beaches and dunes
and you bark, you bark like a dog
who looks soft as a wad
who swam across the fog
across the mud of these bogs
to find someone to hug
the history says you became a liar
since you lost half your friends in a friendly fire
then you became one with your uncontrollable ire
your heat of revenge across the telephone wires
forwards all my calls, no matter what did I dial
maybe it's you and me
we're everything
smell, smell like a beast
who's kept on a leash
with nothing to eat
obscene is your dream
of murder and meal
hard, hard as a rock
and shut as a lock
you insolent gawk
you snot and you mock
you ignorant fuck
and she, she wanted to die
and she had nothing to hide
so she looked at the sky
and with a sacrifice flight
she left me good-bye
but like a cat you'll get back to your previous life
we'll make love again with a hardcore pride
and as always your victory will be cut-and-dried
'cause it's you and me
we're everything
Track Name: new year's eve
I've found another place to live
A new home to start a fresh beginning
A house all full of doors and keys
Where I can hide on this New Year's eve
I've put your shoes under my bed
Your books with all the stuff to sell
You said you'd never leave with me
'cause you're sure – for you - there's nothing left to see
No better place to be
no better tongue to speak
There must be
A better time to leave
A proper time to flee
To flee
Today I gotta quit my job
Now I've got the word of God to follow
I'll live with murderers and thieves
In this house until the next New Year's eve
Bring yourself here
Come up and see
A sigh of relief
Make yourself proud
Shout it aloud
You'll never bow
It's a refrain
That fills up your veins
It brings all your pain away
Jump out the crowd
Burn up your shroud
Plunge into this sound
Track Name: whom
Whom were you talking with, girl
I hope he was just a friend
Me I was looking around to understand what it means
to get in touch with new people constantly
to talk about the time
Did you forget my number
I thought we could meet again
I just wish I could see you at the end of the lane
We could dance there together by the light of the moon
And when we say goodbye you could whisper "come back soon"
I wanted to touch your life with a kiss
I wanted to pick you up and make you live
I believe you and me and god can coexist
quite peacefully
The first time I heard your voice, girl
you asked me to bring you home
I drove back to town, was running fast on my road
You know, I held you up all the way to my door
And as we got in I let you lay on the floor
A miracle kept in your hands
A tale under softened lights
The people who let you understand that you're banned
Banned from your house and village, banned from your kids
So wear some new clothes, take a plane, stay with me
Let's jump around and say "down on your knees"
We want all those bastards hanging from the trees
They hide in the night they drive on these streets
looking for some meat
Today I've been up since daylight
I guess you just came back home
Now you're probably dreaming of me, but no, I know
I know there's no room at all for me in your sleep
And as long as I think of you my will to speak
Fades down and at night I'm back again on your street
Just a few hours and I see you there all alone
Surrounded by cars and lights, bare feet, skin and bones
and I keep your hand we look like mother and son
and I push the barrel of my gun into your throat
And I feel the smell of you clinging to my clothes
Track Name: you and I
You and I
we got a million light road to drive through
You and I
we got to choose a new star in the sky, and
hope it won't be gone
before we see the next sun get high
You and I
lost in love and hate lullabies
You and I
tossed by contrary winds tonight
You and I
holding on till the day we die